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Economist Paul Zane Pilzer tells stories and gives advice that makes economics understandable. Here is his four-step method to make a fortune by finding and fixing problems, which means not only inventing things but also improving them.

His steps are:

  • Learn first, including basic writing and communication skills. Then learn about your industry of choice
  • Work harder, and remember that the week as 168 hours, not 40, when you really need to get something accomplished. All college students know how to cram for a test. Imagine that kind of focus for more than just the night before the exame.
  • Solve problems, including ones that businesses and people don’t know they have.
  • Make things better.

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How many of you have had a face-book like idea but never got farther than “idea?” How do you figure out decide if it’s a good idea, if it can be done and if it’s for you?  In this piece in, life coach Marla Tabaka runs through her five steps for deciding it it’s an Ipod or just Vitameatavegamin.

  • Write it down.
  • Expand and question the idea.
  • Compare it to your broader vision for yourself.
  • Do SWOT analysis
  • See with friends who know you and peers who might know the business how it fits the latest trends.

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Sidebar: How Eric Singer went from making wooden glasses out of the back of his car to a thriving business.

World runs on people pursuing their own dream — Milton Friedman on greed

Milton Friedman

“The record of history is absolutely crystal clear: There is no alternative way so far discovered to improve the lot of ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities unleashed by a free enterprise system.”

See Uncle Milty explain free enterprise to a young Phi Donahue.

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